Friday, May 15, 2009

my favorite thing to do

It's midnight and I did a friend's business cards and made her a blog to match, even though she totally didn't ask. It's just a compulsion and fun for me, so I stayed up to do it. And I'm gonna print and round the corners on a few cards she can use this weekend, but we'll get real ones printed soon.

Here's the blog

I wanted to name her business The Flour Power Baking Co. But she picked SweetTooth instead. Still not bad.

This was the card I made for that company name. Never flew out of the nest.
I think I'm gonna do a trade for Kid C's cake in September.


Lacy said...

My sister wants to start a company baking pretty hand-decorated cookies for wedding showers and the like, and she's going to call her company E. Claire's Bakery (her name is Emily Claire). Isn't that cute???

Laura $ said...

i LOVE flour power! when i open my bakery, i'm stealing that, and i am going to have you make my cards, of course. another great job!

Mom said...

You really captured the feel of confections. Great graphics....Naturally!!

ro said...

wow, her cakes look awesome. and, your cards and web stuff is fantastic. Again, you rule!

Kristianna said...

Flour Power is genius! Either way you did a super job.