Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Tuesday

These are photos of the usual suspects. This group of kids, is like a tiny version of Saved By The Bell or something. They are always together, because all of their parents are in the same small group (at church) and we all meet together every Thurs a.m. to play in the park. When someone has a birthday, the same crew comes. I have this fantasy that they will all grow up together until college. But the little girl in the pink hat (below) is moving to Canada with her family next month, so the dream is already broken.

They all spontaneously sat in a line to watch the skateboarders at the skate park.
Very Cali'.

Baby R didn't want to sit, as usual, he wanted to kick the ball while he watched.

Shirley Temple move right here. He then broke into song "Animal crackers in my soup..."

This was like the snack "trading floor." Lots of negotiation about sharing and who has what to offer.

Kid K, who's sitting next to Kid C now lives right around the corner.
I thought about it today, that if this was another country, we would probably stop by and see her every day.
But this is Sockswithsandalsland, so we just see her when we see the rest of the 'suspects.

Even kids have "personal space bubbles" I guess.

Kid A, in the front, I call him the "Fonzie" of the group. Everyone thinks he's so cool, because he can ride a bike, and he's the oldest (6 months older than Kid C). He also has some pretty awesome toys at his house. His family also lives down the street, but I don't know how long they'll live here. And he's homeschooled, so that dashes my dreams of him and Kid C walking to school together.

Not a great shot, but Kid CB looks so cute there in her green tankini that I left it in.

I try to look decent for the in-law events, but Kid C and I were out having fun getting our manicures and shopping that I lost track of time (I'm lost when I leave my cell at home by accident!). So I'm without jewelry and lipstick. I was tempted to photoshop it in, but I think that would be too crazy.
And since I've had kids, my head has merged into my neck like some muppet weightlifter. Annoying.

This rug he's sitting on, it's the backdoor mat. He just camped himself out on it so everyone had to trip over him.

I took these photos (or did Kevin?) and then he got moved.

I took about 8 of this pose, but the dogs and the humans wouldn't cooperate at the same time. So I have posted this huggy pic, and the dogs are totally oblivious.

After the strawberry pie was served, Baby R's shirt looked like something out of a B Horror movie, so I just took it off. I did have another one. But he really likes to show of his little "guns" so I let him go around like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Atmosphere shot. From left to right, Kevin's cousin, grandfather, grandmother, uncle and dad.

I always thought "mother-daughter" outfits were super super nerdy.
But when I bought this dress at Old Navy, I really wanted them to have an adult sized one to match.
It's so cute. I always push her to wear it.

She's over-cheesing here.

I really wish I had brought my camera to the Cinco De Mayo party we went to on Saturday. It was a breakthrough moment for us as a family, because the whole party was young families (and by that I mean the parents were young too) and all the kids were the same age. It was a rockin' party and I'm so glad we made it. I immediately Facebook friended some people I met there and now I feel like I have the power to host a party like that in the future. Although we don't have a deck or a backdoor that doesn't connect to a bedroom, but I'll brainstorm on that.
Ah affinity. It makes me happy.


ro said...

I barely recognized you in your picture with sue. But, you look fabulous regardless of your lack of flair. Fun, fun pictures. R is looking so much more like a little boy. He is in the "leaving baby hood" stage now. I like that your pictures are large enough that I can click on them and really study everyone in them. Some people don't do that or have that or know that, and it bothers me. And, I visit their sites less. You rule.

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Mom said...

My pumpkins are growing sooo fast! I can't wait till I get there to spend so GiGi-Time with them. Glad you got to hang with couples your own age. Yea! You are not alone!