Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Tuesday

Yes, I remembered. 10:30, I still have an hour and 1/2 until Tuesday is over.

The camera has still not been replaced, so not much to show. But here we go.

I took this one with my phone earlier this afternoon. This is the fountain at Santana Row.
It clearly, in bronze signage, states "do NOT throw rocks."
You know where this is going.
He was a repeat offender, so we had to get out of there.

And yes swim classes have begun. Tomorrow will be day 3 of 10. I'm sorry I don't have action shots of them in the pool. Baby R is doing so good. Especially since he cries like I'm really hurting him whenever he gets in the bath. It's the saddest thing, him in the bath these days. Hence, I let him go grubby alot.
Anyway, he's good. And his giant swimsuit is so cute.

They're modeling the suits *with* the inflatable inserts. But they wanted to take them out, and the class said no floaties anyway, so there it is. I'm glad to have them for when we're at other pools.

Not bad for 6.99 a piece at Marshalls. Baby R's is an age 4-6, but they didn't have his size. He's helft, so it's not that big on him.

The problem today was that Kid C found out that she can stand in the shallow end of the pool, which makes her less motivated to swim, because she can walk. We'll see how this all unfolds at the end of next week.


ro said...

The last pic of C makes me smile because of that dance pose and because she looks so grown!

ro said...

and on another note, can i just say that they keep building outdoor fancy malls like Santana Row here in Dallas, but I'm like....it's hot! I actually go to the mall to escape the heat or even the cold in the winter. whatev.

Mom said...

Can't wait to hear about their swimming lesson! Oh that Cricket!!

Mom said...

You probably know this,but S.Row has a farmers market every Sun.11-3
I like wandering around and getting nice produce plus, the people watching is usually good.