Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Baby Tuesday

UPDATE: We have the ballet recital video!

(wait for it to process)

There is this park in Los Altos with a real creek running beside it. It's a rushing river in the Winter after it rains, and it's bone dry most of the Summer, but in the Spring, it's perfect for playing in. The "Little Rascal Gang" was there too.

Kid C initiated this pose when I told them all to look at me.
She did the "buddy squeeze" hug all by herself. So cute!

Here they are heading upstream away from mom-eyes.

Yeah. I had to rescue her off that thing after I took the pic.

Wee Tom Sawyer.

Baby Z and Baby R. About one year apart. Baby Z's big sister Kid K is Kid C's blonde friend in the first pic.

Snack forum.

So here's the Wings of Freedom exposition we went to two weeks ago.
It was kind of expensive to get in, but overall, I guess it was worth it. I had never been to Moffett Field before, and that was an adventure in itself.
The price was high more because you could touch the planes and get inside and get your hands on all the equipment.
But it ended up that the kids didn't want to get inside. I barely stuck my head in before Kid C started totally losing her mind that the plane was going to suck us inside or something. My daughter, the alarmist.

Baby R did really like the planes.

Especially touching the planes.

He was the perfect height to inspect the aft end of the planes.

Happy smile.

She thought it best to hold his hand so that the wouldn't get hurt.
This lasted about 10 minutes and then he didn't want any part of her mother-hen-ness.
After that she proceded to nag the life out of him and me, telling us how dangerous it was, just walking around the planes. Incredible. I wanted to take the scarf off my head and gag her with it like a kidnapper.

Unfortunately, those cute little planes were off limits. If one were so inclined, s/he could pay thousands of dollars to actually fly in one.

This was the initial excitement. If only it had lasted a little bit longer for you-know-who.

More excitement, further away.

Up close excitement.


Mom said...

I don't know if I can take more cuteness than this! Ransom looks like a future pilot for sure. You called it right on the "alarmist".That Cricket, she's an enigma alright!!

ro said...

1) You said aft.
2) Excitement pics are great.
3) Hand holding is cute yet hilarious with the description of C going on about the danger and you wanting to gag her!
4) The stream at the park is fantastic.
5) Huck Finn is too cute.

Mom said...

Just watched the recital AGAIN and almost cried like a baby! Sooooo precious!