Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Tuesday

Our new camera is still on it's way from Tennessee, so we have a bunch of laptop photos this week.

Thursday afternoon cupcakes. She has a mouth full of frosting, and I can't fault her for it.

Sprinkle application. I bought fancy Wilton ones from Michaels.

These are random from this morning. It was no easy task getting the boy to back up. He was happy just looking at this little man body.

They were trying to showcase wearing my shoes. Baby R has my black maryjanes on and Kid C has my purple suede BCBG heels from Salvation Army.

And here is Kevin's Father's Day gift from me. It's reversed because I took it with the laptop and I'm too lazy to go in and reverse it back. But I think it's pretty cute. I made it for his cubicle at work, but I hung it up on our wall in the interim and now we kind of like it there.


Mom/GiGi said...

Love the pic you made for Kevin:Fabulous!! I like it when you are in the pic with the kids. Lets me see what color your hair is "this time" They are both growing up TOO fast.

Samantha P.M. said...

YAY!! I love the trend of gifts = your paintings...keep it up :)

Jenni said...

Um that gift for Kevin is fantabulous and I am requesting one from you of my girls when you get a chance. Maybe we can negotiate a trade??

Laura $ said...

uh, hello. you should be SELLING those. that is RAD. i love cricket's haircut, by the way. super stylin'.

ro said...

tell r-man to lay off the beer.
beer gut.
i'm yoking.

ro said...
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