Saturday, June 27, 2009

online bill pay preparation for the Sabbath?

I try to get any real work done all on Saturday so I can observe a real day of rest, or at least the best I can with two barnacle kids who, like any other kids, think I am their personal butler (and often times butt-ler).

Tonight I did 2 hours worth of bills. And several times I wanted to just stop and chill out because after all it's saturday night, but I had to keep going because I couldn't put it off until tomorrow.

There are a few things I put in a pile that weren't really bills and I'll work on them later this week (because I wrote them on the chalkboard, my prehistoric-style day-timer.)

But I am spent now.
Kevin came in from the garage and asked where some cord was and I could barely form thoughts, much less words. I stared off and looked confused for way longer than I should have.

I really wanted to go eat some chocolate ice cream when I was done. But it's 11:30 and that will definitely end up as neck fat. That is the punishment for late night snacking: neck fat.


Mom said...

Screw the neck fat-Eat the chocolate ice cream,cake, cookies,or whatever. It's part of rewarding yourself for all your hard work!

ro said...