Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Tuesday

I've got a ton of new photos because the new camera came. Hizzah!
But I don't have a ton of time to explain them. Plus, Go Diego Go is on, so that I can type this while Kid C watches it, but it's hard to string a thought together with all that "animal rescuing."

The kids are in VBS this week. A mom at MOPS tipped us off to the fact that this one church accepts 2 and 3 yr olds. Score! Now I did have to pay, which churches usually don't have people do, but this church kinda struggles, so it's okay.

The website didn't give a registration deadline, but apparently there was one, and I was a couple days late with their papers. So they were all out of shirts. I didn't care at first, but then when I saw that ALL the other kids had them except MY kids, I had to rectify the situation.

So off I went to Michaels to buy two blue t shirts and some printable fabric. Then we came home and printed out the VBS logo and appliqued it on. I was proud of myself. And bonus, their shirts are WAY cuter than the ones they would have got in the first place.

She wanted to use a "prop" for this shot.

Note the metallic iron-on flowers. Fancy!

Another landmark moment: a visit to the huge International Swim Center pool here in Sockswithsandalsland. I always knew it was a famous place, but it wasn't until I was in the lobby that had all the plaques about the Olympic sweep that the team from here made in the 60's Olympics. Mark Spitz was from here. Crazy.

Anyway, Kid C and I didn't have an Olympic kind of visit there. The place is divided into two pools. A big serious laned pool, and a 3 ft pool. We got the latter. And it was 103° on Sunday so EVERYONE without A/C in the whole city seemed to be there. The water has not the cleanest, but I don't think any filter could have withstood that kind of population.

She was happy though. Very very happy.

It was just her and me, so good quality mommy-daughter time. Even if we were way too close to half-naked strangers.

To top off the experience, upon exiting we saw a big ol' turd (most likely dropped out of some kid's swim diaper) just sittin on the pooldeck. It was so hilarious, I wasn't as grossed out as I should have been. All the lifeguard did was put a "wet floor" tent-sign over it. Sanitary.

Oh and since Kid C wanted to take a shower in the locker room, we had to see a naked woman in there. I knew that would happen. Everyone else was "decent" but there's always someone with no shame whatsoever.
Note to those kinds of people, if you take a shower with your suit on, you wash it out too, bonus. I'm just sayin.'

Another MOPS mom told me about this free art thing up in Mountain View. I was excited to go to it because it was a) free and b) supposedly indoor.
It was over 100°, like I said, and half of it was outside and I was dissappointed. The kids didn't seem to mind.

Good ol' tissue and ink crafts.

Flower shape, one step above coffee filter shaped.

We each took our assigned child. Here Kevin is with Baby R. You can't really see him, but you can almost make out his cute little arms behind Kevin. They were making "hand flowers."

Who doesn't love a big wall of white paper and paint brushes?
She asked me to help her paint Hello Kitty and I couldn't resist.

Precious cuteness moment. They sat in there with their blankies all by themselves to watch TV.
If they were cute and good like this all the time, I would give them whatever they wanted.
I tell them that fact, but I guess being naughty is just too much fun.

The men. Baby R kinda upstaged Kevin here.

Baby R does NOT like baths. I don't know why he decided this, but it's been this way for months. Because of that I bathe him in about 60 seconds and he's unconsolable for about 5 minutes afterwards. I'll be glad when this stage is over. He loves the pool, he hates the tub. Weirdo.

Here he is trying to be so cute that I won't bathe him. It does work to stall me, but eventually he got clean. Look at him, so cute.

These are some of the first photos we took with the new camera.

I'm not sure what the "claw" was all about. But I'd be lying if I said she doesn't do that claw kind of alot. Especiallly when she's punchy.


Samantha P.M. said...

Holy crap...did Cricket age like 3 years since last baby T? Seriously...she's so grown-up looking!!!

devon industry said...

Love those VBS shirts on the fly...once again, you amaze me charlie!

Mom/GiGi said...

Way to go on the T-Shirts! Only YOU could pull that off and I like how theirs were cuter than the originals! Love Ransom's whispered bye-bye.So cute. Glad you got your new camera-carry on SuperBloger!!

ro said...

LOFreakingL to the turd!!!
And, LOL to the note to people who have no shame. Fantastic posts. I'm glad you got a camera! OH, I love C's suit. Um, you are amazing to whip up the vbs shirts. AND, you get some good tips off mops!

Laura Seymour said...

i love them ALL.

especially the claw.