Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Tuesday

It's the first day of Pre-K!

she's excited.

I give you the documentation of the princess party...

Here is the set up before everyone arrived. It was cloudy and just a little windy, but those sheer panels were like sails, I had to do some serious anchoring.

Here I am in my tack-tastic outfit, painting little Kid E's face. She was my best "client," she held really still.

They are decorating their own cupcakes here. The sprinkles flowed like Niagara Falls.

The moms dropping off their princesses.

The candle flames didn't hold up in the wind, so we had to bring the cake inside.

Kid C trying to salvage her Cinderella candle.

Oh my little prince. He was such a good boy at the party.

The little ladies mingling.

We opened the gifts inside too, although it kinda was like putting a bunch of dogs in one kennel. It was too much for some of them. It gotta a little tense, but we were in the final stretch so it didn't last long.
Here they are all descending on the big princess castle.

This video is so cute.


SaraMarie said...

I love the one of Kevin surrounded by a sea of princesses....he looks right at home (and not just because he is at home...). Looks like it was fun!

ro said...

You have an eye for all that is fantastic and fairy tale. Scout would have been in high heaven there so I am sure Cricket was just beside herself with excitement. Great job on the party mom and dad. I smiled then laughed when I kept looking at Ransom in that knights outfit. So medieval and cute. p.s. I like your living room rug! And, yea for C and the first day of school. She is on her way to validictorian. no pressure.

Mom/GiGi said...

Oh Charlie! You did such a great job!! I love ALL the pics but the 1st one of Cricket all excited and of course Prince Ransom are soooo cute I can't take it! I love your wig and outfit too! Being a young mommy has it's benefits!

Anonymous said...

Charlie, you are amazing! That looked like the most perfect princess party! She will never forget this one! AND C was the most beautiful princess of all! And Prince Ransom is so handsome!
Aunt D