Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Tuesday

At Kid C's new Preschool, they do birthdays on one day a month. For Sept, that meant all of summer b-days too. Oh boy. So we parents were encouraged to come and join in. For me that meant showing up a bit late and then making sure Baby R didn't flip a table like Roadhouse or bite someone like Mike Tyson.
It was kinda cute seeing all of them with their little cookies.
I have a feeling Kid C was a behavior-tool placed between those two boys at her table, who I think are friends.

This one never stops being cute. Her little ears sticking out beneath her crown and her big cookie.

Baby R's little frienemy-girlfriend Baby R(2) had her 2nd birthday last week. We joined in the madness that is a 2yr old birthday party.

Or rather, as you can see, we moms tried to take a backseat to the madness.
(Heather and Christi...they kinda match here I guess)

Here I am. That's my playground face.

What?, am I about to break this dwarf chair?!

Points awarded to Jenn for her clever use of the radio flyer wagon-- drink cooler!

Baby R at the cookie decorating station. Otherwise known as the sprinkle-chugging station.

Gift opening. Pretty standard procedure.

I love watching Baby R play with other boys. He and Kid E play pretty good together.

Group shot, everyone, group shot.

The BFF's.

I don't know why I took this other than it included more than 2 people...

(here's a video of Baby R waving to the little train that goes thru the zoo. It's a few weeks old, but still good, hasn't expired yet.)


Anonymous said...

you are way cool...something about these pics of you remind me of Faye's expression in some of her pictures...


Leigh said...

I'm lovin' your hair.

Anonymous said...

Someone looks so grown up at school! And she is as photogenic as you, Charlie! I love your hair, too!


ro said...

Well miss loose weight and get funky hair. Oh I forgot...you live in Cali too! Brat.

It is hard having a gorgeous-talented-sassy sister 7 years younger.

Your kids are cute and I can't resist them. Thanks for your hard work at posting.