Thursday, September 17, 2009

more elementary dreams actualized

In my 3rd grade class with my teacher Mrs. Sparkman the very strange Catholic health food nut, my classmate and half-German friend Heidi Dinger brought in Dirt n' Worms instead of cake for her birthday.

I was fascinated. I wondered if it was German. And I loved that it broke-the-mold of birthday celebrations in our class. (To this day, whenever I think of air-popping popcorn, I think of bland Mrs. Sparkman and her moritorium on all things salty or sugary)

I've wanted to make it for years, but I never think of it at the right time.

But this afternoon while shopping in the "grocery" aisle of CVS, I thought "Pudding! Oreos! Gummi Worms! I can make Dirt n' Worms!"

And so I did. And I'm bringing it over to Kevin's parents for dessert.

**I just looked over and Baby R just stole a worm out of one of them! He's in time-out now for worm theft**


megan g said...

i remember! i remember! i remember! i mean, i forgot that it was ms. sparkman's class and that it was heidi who brought them, but i remember eating these in class! so delicious.

Jenna said...

I made those last Halloween! One little boy was scared of them. Wuss.

ro said...

You just got yourself nominated for mom of the year with dirt and worms. I've always thought that was the best dessert ever. Here's to nasty dessert themes that taste great!