Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Tuesday

(dangit, all these photos are "small" when you click them, sorry)

On Saturday we went up to the kite event that was happening in the city. I was actually supposed to be at a baby shower, but I didn't realize that until later. Hello!

Anyway, we had already gotten pretty far away from our car when I realized that I had left the camera in the car. I was going to just accept that reality, until I also realized moments later, that I didn't have any cash-- and like any good outdoor festival, there were jumphouses.

I had often noticed the Safeway by the Marina and I thought "what a funny place for a grocery store" but when we trekked over to it, I noted that it was the busiest Safeway I have ever been to. It was busier than the day before Thanksgiving. I bought some "pink milk," a bottle of water, a disposable camera, and got some cash back. The day was saved.

So that means what you are about to see, all of these photos, were taken with a little plastic Fujifilm camera. And I got them developed today. It had been such a long time since I had done that.

I have learned the value of those really long double strollers, that I like to call "limousine style."I think that keeps them from fighting and hurting one another. Which Baby R usually ends up resorting to, the violence. Always the violence.

I first let them out of the stroller here, and off they went like it was a track n' field event.

We're free! Kites! We're free to run around with the kites!!

They had music playing and these kids don't miss an opportunity to dance around.
Here Kid C is dancing to the Grateful Dead. Dad, this one's for you: your granddaughter dancing to the 'Dead in SF.

Jamba Juice had a hut at the event, so I called that "lunch."

More gettin' jiggy with the kites.

Afterward we walked back by the Palace of Fine Arts / Exploratorium, where I parked, because it was free. They begged not to get back in the car so we walked around the little pond, and had our second potty break in the bathrooms in the lobby of the Exploratorium.
(And Mom, this is where I was when I called you, fyi.)

I like this shot. It looks like no one is around. Nevermind there were like 3 weddings going on that afternoon, and lots of out-of-towners with their "Boston" or "Nebraska" sweatshirts on, I guess so no one would mistake them as locals(?).

Kid C chillin with her bribery fruit snacks. This is explained below...

I had to promise them that I would give them two bags of fruit snacks each if they would sit together like they liked each other and smiled and looked at the camera.

They delivered.

Oh, the love.

Here's the big finale. I asked them to hug and they did!!

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ro said...

the last pic made me smile big :)
I love you bribed them for the photos ! haha. Looks like a great way to spend a day.