Saturday, September 12, 2009

Princess Party iMix + other stuff

I published this iMix to iTunes. I think it's a pretty good mix. Some kids songs, some oldies, a sprinkling of Tom Jones, Whitney, y'know.

This is the Barbie castle I scored for two dollars at a garage sale a while back. Kid C has totally known about it, because it's been "hidden" in the unused bathtub ever since I brought it home. I had to give it a good cleaning with a "magic eraser" (almost used up the whole thing!) because the previous castle occupants had gone-to-town with a mechanical pencil. It missing all the accessories, but that's fine with me. More room for imagination, right?

Here's her cake that I just finished. It's a little cake since I also made a dozen cupcakes with the same batter. Thanks to Aurora's advice about her friend Sally's party having the cupcakes out right when everyone arrives, I'm gonna go with that. And it's also an activity, because I bought little frosting tubes and sprinkles for the girls to decorate their cupcakes with.
I covered it with pre-made fondant, and just like my friend told me, it's gross, but it looks nice. I think when I add up how much those specialty candles cost, plus the fondant, plus the blue frosting, and the cake mix, I could have probably just bought a cake from the Safeway bakery. Oh well, it's made with love right?


Laura Seymour said...

the cake is gorgeous!

happpppppppy 4th birthday, kid c!

hope the princess party is big fun!

Mom said...

You can't get that special love-feel at safeway. It looks perfect for Cricket. Good job,Mommy!!

ro said...

sweet score on the castle