Wednesday, September 09, 2009

feeling akin to math homework

  1. To decrease the motivation of a person or a group.

In this case, a person, me. In the Ennegram chart, it says that type 7's sometimes fall into type 1 which is perfectionism.

And I thought, what a load of horse crap.

But tonight I realized that not letting someone else do the job, because you think they will do it badly equals perfectionism.

Because I do that most of the time, "let me do it, you'll make it ugly."

And I'm up at midnight because I don't want ugliness.

So maybe that chart is right...maybe. (small revelation)

And I am so demotivated. Big time.

1 comment:

ro said...

yeah. that is probably perfectionism, or something. I still fall into that trap sometimes darnit. However we grow and learn our entire life, and maybe one day you'll be able to let someone else do it.