Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Thursday

Hey two days late, and only 3 pics and a video, just my style, right? Miraculously Baby R has stayed in his room until now, 8am. This, breaking his record of like a month straight of <6am awakenings. I hear him back there, but he doesn't know I'm out here in the living room so I'm typing as fast as I can.

I have a few pics from a playdate birthday party last week.
And btw, the playdate birthday party is the most genius thing. I am so inspired, I'm gonna do it for Baby R's 3rd birthday that's comin' round the bend in 6 weeks. I'll probably just have them skip school that day, and we'll just party down on a Tuesday. And a big "you're welcome" to all of those dads that don't want to be dragged to a party on a Saturday afternoon!

How cute are they all, just sitting there waiting for the pinata?

Kid C's turn..

No dice. But, hey how about that dress?
She tries to wear it for just about any occasion, including just going over to see her friends.
I mean it is a "little black dress" but c'mon.

Big man. He actually had to be lifted by the birthday girl's mom in order to be able to reach the little pull strings.

(this video is after the candy all falls out and the looting begins)

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ro said...

lovin' that R is holding on tight to his hello kitty sack. haha...little black dress... And, as far as dads being dragged to saturday, yeah, scott doesn't go to those. He's already two steps ahead I guess.