Thursday, January 28, 2010

addendum to Baby Tue

I would like to report that tonight while Kevin was flying home from his business trip, BOTH children threw the most insane code-red tantrums over the following 3 things:

1. improper position of their *2nd piece* of chocolate cake on their plates.
2. Who got to hold the Bible.
3. Which things to be thankful for in their evening prayers.

Seriously. Cake, Bible, and praying- tantrums. 3 separate tantrums.

To top it off, they each put their own signature on the evening.
Baby R chose to [after 10 min of freaking out and making demands while I held his bedroom door closed] pray a sweet little prayer about how thankful he was that we had a nice day.
Kid C on the other hand, took the low road, and pooped in her night-time-pull-up and then proceeded to get poop all over herself, her carpet, the bathroom floor, rug, handtowel, and shower curtain.

She's now in the bathtub, when she's supposed to be sleeping.

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ro said...

their own signature...genius! she di-ent! Even scott shook his head. And the picture of her is just perf.

you've got a wild card...