Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Thursday

I've spent the last week trying to get their funny behavior on video. However, once they spot me with the camera they stop talking and/or dancing.
They (BOTH) have started doing little dance parties when I play Party in the USA or I Like to Move it Move it or even Single Ladies. It's so so so cute.

So this is all I have...

These are from last night.

Look how he is eating his taco! upside down.

We had a little Taco Bell before church.
I made myself feel better about them eating Taco Bell since I gave themV-8 fusion juice in their sippy cups. That makes up for it, right?

I just took these a few minutes ago. They wanted to cut stuff and cut they did.
Now he's roaming around trying to bug Kid C while she's doing her preschool homework.

Yes, literally preschool homework. It's more work for me than her, and hence I'm slightly annoyed about it. She likes it, so oh well.

She will wear this skirt every moment of every day if I let her. I told her she could wear it every other day, and I think that's socially acceptable, right?

I mean, it's better than Baby R not wanting to ever wear clothes or change clothes or change/wear his diaper.
He tells me about his time-outs at school because he hit some other boyor pushed some other boy. I can only flare my nostrils and hope that the teachers are frightening enough to make him stop, but maybe I'm expecting too much from a 2 yr old. 6 straight hours with 20+ other kids, I guess he's bound to want to beat one of them, right? Heh.


SaraMarie said...

C's tights are ADORABLE!

ro said...

they are super cute kiddos even though they are clothing elitists. I mean, we love the scraps though...that sweater is awesome. I can't believe there is homework. Really? No ma'am!