Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Wednesday

Don't you hate it when you're super busy, for days on end, and you tell yourself "it's just this week, after this week, it'll slow down and I can think about other things like finding out where that smell is coming from in the kitchen, and where all my socks have gone to and eating vegetables."

But then the next week rolls around and there again is another set of obstacles and knots to be untangled and it's the same empty promises to yourself.

Anyone else do that?

[[I've already planned out my next moment of solace: It's a combination Valentines/Finishing-the-half-marathon celebration. It'll be on the 2/12 at the Cliff House, somewhere I have dreamed of going but always forget about when I plan a dinner night in the city. Yes, it's "$$$$" kind of place, so I'm already anticipating being tacky and splitting the cheapest item on the menu(!) ]]

What does all of this have to do with the kids? It sums up why I don't have alot of photos.
Because I'm harried.

This is not to say that Tahoe wasn't totally great and relaxing and I'm super thankful to Kevin's mom and dad for taking care of the wee ones while we were away.
But Monday morning, -bam-, back in action. Baby R had a meltdown at school when I dropped him off. Then Tuesday Kid C had a meltdown in the exact same fashion. Killin' me.
And this week I've had a ton of work from all directions that doesn't fit into 20 hours. *nostril flare*

So I'm posting some pics that I've taken in the recent past that haven't made it to the blog, mostly because they were taken with my iPhone.

Kid C was taking a bath and the tub got really full without me paying attention to how high the water was. I noticed that it was high enough to turn the spa jets on and she took me up on the offer...
...Little did I know that when you mix bath confetti and spa jets do you get SUPER BUBBLES!

Baby R didn't want to have anyting to do with the tub until he saw the Matterhorn of bubbles that she was frolicking in. Then he couldn't get his clothes off fast enough.

soap one piece

Those spaces of water are the jets creating even more bubbles.
It's a good life for a four year old.

We actually went to a real restaurant with a real waiter, all four of us.
The kids were really good. I feel that the worst of our eatery-disasters are behind us.
The fact that it was breakfast, not dinner, helped too.

I thought Baby R and Kevin were so cute together I took some pics.
I think he kept asking for bites of sausage.

He's so adorable.

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ro said...

i really did lol at the tacky splitting of the cheap

i love working and having my kids go to preschool, but it is HARD to get it all you see what i constantly dream of a cleaning lady/housewife/alice from brady bunch!