Sunday, January 24, 2010

shopping drivel

-Never before in my life have I had 3 gift cards in my possession and not been able to find something I want to buy with them. I keep wanting to use them to buy stuff for other people, but then I know that the people who gave them to me don't want me to do that, so I'm back to not finding anything for me.
I really wanted to use my Old Navy card to buy some "tall" stuff from the website, only to find out that everyone else who shops on the O.N. site is also a medium-tall. (extra-small-tall, who are you people?! you cannot be human, because that is weird and wrong!)

-I have completely been unable to find a snow-jacket that I like [as much as my friend Jenn's that I borrowed for Tahoe.] Granted I'm not willing to spend very much on one, but c'mon even eBay doesn't have anything remotely cool. I don't want to look like I own a maple syrup farm, but I don't want to pay to look like I actually know how to snowboard. I've been looking on Amazon, because that's where my card is for, but it's alot of Lands End and Baby Phat. Nein danke!

-I haven't lost *that* much weight but about half of my clothes don't fit the way they used to, and I should buy stuff to replace those (with my gift cards). And I have one from Urban Outfitters, however I just can't get on board with the clothes there.
Does this mean that I'm old!?
Truthfully, I usually just buy their housewares, always have. In the past I would think "it would be cool to wear that" as I pass by the clothes section.
But this "season" I think to myself "do they want us to look ugly?"
I mean where do I wear a shoulder-padded tube top? Or a jumper with a belt and fishnets?
It's like the Great Gatsby is being performed in Studio 54. Que terrible.

Until further notice I shall continue on in my hand-me-downs from friends and Goodwill and my Ross "scores," and wait for new "collections."

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ro said...

That cards are burning a hole in your pocket, yet nothing...
Of course, if you didn't have a gift card, you'd see 100 items you want.