Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Wednesday

This week is the first week of preschool for C & R! It's great. I feel like I'm doing what the rest of the world does, those who have kids.
I get up, I work out, I feed them breakfast, I make their lunches, I get them dressed and make sure they have their jackets and I take them to school.
And then I go to work and I don't have to stress about who is going to watch them.
When I pick them up from school and come home, all I have to do is make dinner and put them in bed.

It's nice.

Now, the laundry getting done and the dishes getting done, I'm not sure yet where to put that in my schedule. Normally that would go in the hours before the kids get up, but that's my workout time, so I'll just have to keep thinking on that.

Speaking of early hours, the young master R has been getting up super early since he knows he can get out of his room. He has now mastered both kinds of door knob guards, so he can pretty much roam freely.
One morning I tried taking him on my run and it didn't work. He was good, but a fixed wheel jogging (double, yet single occupant) stroller is a joke if you're really jogging.
I took this video this morning, right after I finished my (somewhat depressing) yoga session in the living room. He's super cute in the morning so I can't bring myself to tell him to go back to bed when I'm already up.
(When I'm still in bed, I have no problem telling him to go back to bed!)

I don't think I ever posted these pics of the gingerbread house construction...

I think you can tell from his face that he heavily sampled from the raw materials of the house.


Sprinkles. They occupy their very own section of this family's food pyramid.

This was the second year we've made a gingerbread house as a family, but the first time we've ever made one from scratch. It was an intense assembly for Kevin. Especially since I wasn't really helping him. But I did provide cookies for the kids to decorate to keep them busy.
Here's the video of me not really helping:

Sprinkles for the cookies, sprinkles for my mouth.
Sprinkles for the cookies, sprinkles for my mouth.
And more for my mouth...what cookies?

These are the "outtakes" from the Christmas Card photo shoot.

it's like a fragrance ad, no?

Is it a hug? Or is he trying to push her over?

The noble tot.

I think she said something about this being a "princess" pose.

There would be no looking at me. No matter how much I begged.

I should have brought bribery candy.

This is what consumed much of our time out on the bay-- rock hunting.

Here he is ready for his first day of preschool, the little sweetheart.
I bought him that fancy lunch pack, and it has little reusable bento-type boxes on the inside.
(I happened to have accidentally left it in his classroom tonight, oopsie.)

He didn't want me to take his picture, and he refused to look at me.

blurry, but you can see his little evil-knivel backpack.

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Mama Bree said...

We have a housekeeper and I *still* do laundry and dishes during my "quiet time". Usually in the evenings after Logan has gone to bed, or over the weekends. Good luck! :)