Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Let's have a vote.

Everyone likes to tell other people what to do, so I expect all to participate:
I decided a while back that once I left my job to be a house-frau, that I would do my hair "fun." Fun, as in a strange color or cut that I've never been able to have because of school rules or having to look respectable at work. Basically I've never had a lifestyle which afforded me pink hair...until now!
As you can imagine, there are many ways one can have pink hair so here are a few options:
(don't get distracted by the people in the photo, think of it in my context)
A. The all over fuscia
B. The half chocolate, half cherry
C. The platinum pink

Unfortunately, Kevin will not allow hair this short, but that was what I originally had in mind. Feel free to vote for that too if you want, I could sway him maybe.
Cast your ballots, or um, comments. Anyone who votes for keeping my brown hair will be disqualified. :)


Sandi said...

you can't use hair color when you are pregnant!!!

rollerskater said...

i think the 1/2 choco 1/2 cherry is cool...but i think i would do the choco on TOP and the pink underneath. that way, people see you coming & think, what an average, normal girl. then you get up close & SURPRISE! kick ass hair!

Allison said...

I have to second the vote for #2, although I like the pink on top. And I'm going to pretend it's not Kelly Osborne in the picture, just like I'm pretending that my hirdo isn't on Ashlee Simpson.

Funny that we're both fixating on hair right now. Must be that Texan/Californian vibe.

Whatever that means.

Go 'do #2!

ro said...

Um, I can't decide. For some reason, I kinda like the gwen steffani one. Of course, if you choose that you can say "I ain't no holla back girl." I'm sure you will make the right decision.

Weetzie said...

Hi! I just dropped in via "next blog". I like the color and shortness of the one you said you couldn't have.....oh well! =)
ps. I did the short platinum blonde thing a couple of summers ago and it was fun...after the blonde it went a little peachy-pink ...mmmmmm...peachy!

Charlie said...

Sandi, I know I can't color my hair when I'm pregnant, that's why my hair looks like total caca right now (I'm not cutting it either). It's killing me! The only way I can look myself in the mirror with the same hairstyle I had in 6th grade is that I can dye it after delivery.

Sam said...

I VOTE FOR C!! I like the platinum pink...although a mixture of colors is good too for variety...hmm...yeah, C

Gwynn said...

If you have to go whacky, and I know you do, then I vote platinum pink. Maybe I can go pink too and Rich will kick me out of the house and we can be twinkies and go shopping together! I think I got off track... Sorry. Mom

Leigh said...

I love the all over electric pink! That's gonna be a great shocker when carting the bambino to the doctor!