Wednesday, June 08, 2005

This post's for you!

This post goes out to Samantha "ready for a fight at any moment" PM:

Sam, this made me think of you.

There are craft fairs and there are aquatic creatures, and they should remain separate...apparently.


Sam said...

ARG!!! I HATE THOSE PAINTED SHELL HERMIT CRAB VENDORS! You remember when we saw them in the westgate mall? Everytime I see those vendors I just want to yell at them...but then again, they don't really speak english that well...and additionally, come from a culture that loves ignoring regulations on animals (especially those from the sea!) no, I'm not a crazy "Throw paint on fur coats" animal activists...but some things really burn me this! ARG!

Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

I had no idea this was such an issue. I feel enlightened.

I would also like to say that last weekend I was at Crystal Cove State Park where there are a plethora of hermit crabs in residence and not ONE of them was wearing a painted shell.