Thursday, June 02, 2005

Like a McGruff safety pamphet

Last night Kevin's mom said that when Kevin was a baby he had "one of the first car seats," and I found this hard to believe. He was born in 1977, surely people didnt just carry their babies like Big Gulps bewteen their knees while they drove before 1977.
So I looked it up, and apparently his seat was one of the first mandated ones. I guess people just tossed babies in the back floorboard on the way to the supermarket before the government made laws against it. But car seats had been around before then, thank you Swedes once again.
Aurora, did you have a car seat?
My rabbit trail search continued and I found this disturbing fact:
An independent nationwide poll on child passenger safety reveals that 21 percent of grandparents - one in five - say they "never" use a child safety seat when they have their grandchildren as passengers.
Grandparents--, they let your kids get away with murder, and then they try and murder your kids.


rollerskater said...

a friend recently had an accident & had his 3 kids in the car, all in car seats. at the hospital, the drs told him that of all the car accidents that come in involving kids, only 2% were in car seats!!!! SHAME SHAME!!! it's 2005, right?!?

Leigh said...

I can get downright nasty to people I see who don't have their kids in car seats or buckled up. I'm a normally mild mannered person, but I turn crazed vigilante when I see kids jumping around in the back of a car. Don't these people love their kids enough to protect them?

Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

My mom has told me that it was practically impossible to convince my grandparents that I should be in a car seat after I was born -- they just wanted to hold me in their laps.


ro said...

wow, people get fired up about carseats. um, yeah, I have no idea if i ever road in a car seat back in 1974-1976. i'll ask phil today today and brace myself for the response. my earliest memories of travel (one in LA with mom when I was about 3/4 and one on a wyoming road trip at the same age) I remember just chilling in the front seat of the Ford Mustang with MAYBE a lapbelt.