Tuesday, June 07, 2005

thanks for watching and be sure to spay and neuter your pets!

Yeah, we did it, we were in the audience of the Price is Right. As you can probably already guess, neither Kevin or cute little me were picked to be contestants, but it was so fun, it didn't matter. I had to keep reminding myself to close my mouth because I was so agape with awe of the whole event taking place all around me. It's an uninteresting series of facts of why we didn't catch the first taping like I had planned, but it was no problem at all to catch the second taping of the day. (It goes like this)
I was really surprised how nice everyone was who worked at CBS. I mean, no one I came into contact with was rude or pompous. Amazing! I get way more attitude from people at the supermarket than I did that whole day. Plus, most of these people not only had to wear silly outdated red CBS blazers, but they had to deal with some crazy people (you know who I mean) and they still were friendly. Go CBS!
Here's another list of things I learned that day:
-It takes hours to get from arriving at the studio to getting to your seat. Gotta get your name right, show ID's, SS#'s, etc. All x 300 silly people.
-Everyone gets a mini interview by the director, your name and where you're from. That's when they choose whose name gets called. Pressure!
-The studio is so tiny! It looks huge on TV, but it's little, like smaller than a high school gym. We decided that they use tricky lenses to make it look bigger.
-Bob chats with the audience during the breaks. This freaked me out a little bit, like when they pass the microphone to anyone who raises their hand at church, but it is from these breaks that the best stories come from...
One lady wearing a custom T-shirt with a photo of a housecat that read "My cat and I watch Bob Barker everyday" raised her hand and asked the question, "My cat wants to know why you still use a microphone with a long string instead of one without."
Good heavens.
Another woman raised her hand and said "I want to show you something," and started up the stairs towards the visibly alarmed Bob. Thankfully all she wanted to show him was her own custom shirt. As she turned around, Bob read the back which was something like his own chronology, born here, raised here, did this, did that at that time, etc. A bit creepy, and I think we all sighed with relief when she sat herself back down.
My favorite was a girl, roughly my age, who yelled out, "Bob, you gotta sign my T-shirt! I made it, it's you!" He said "what is it...oh it's my head!" Indeed it was his head, made completely out of sequins-- very impressive and tacky. If there was a contest, her shirt won in my book, it was awesome. He agreed to sign it, but wanted to sign the back, y'know to avoid the boobs. But everyone in the audience and the girl herself begged for the front, because it just made sense. He cracked a little joke,"Is there an attorney in the house?," and then he enlisted two stage people to help him sign the front side of her shoulder.
It airs on June 10th. If by chance you do watch, Kevin and I are in the very back row, almost perfect center. I'll go ahead and tell you that both contestants went OVER on the showcase showdown, so tragic. But one lady's got a fine outfit on, well worth watching for.

Viva la Bob, 33 seasons and still truckin.


rollerskater said...

i know this has nothing to do w/ TPIR, but after seeing the rockabilly dress on your registry, i think your baby needs this too... it looks very mary blair inspired:

Charlie said...

Oh bring it, I won't turn it away.

rollerskater said...

i'll let you know when i am rich, then i will buy it for you. :)

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