Saturday, June 11, 2005

"she's turning into a blueberry... always happens, they always turn into blueberries" -Willy Wonka

Man, okay I'm now in third trimester land, also known as "help, I can't get off the floor" mode. The Venus of Villendorf joke is becoming more real.
(ow! I cut my finger making dinner and I'm keep forgetting not to type with it! dangit!)
We've made lots of progress on the new bathroom addition, pictures to follow soon. We've got walls and roof beams. We almost bought the tub and the shower head and faucet today but a couple of factors are holding off the final purchase until Monday. We do however have the lights and the sink faucets ready to install. We also went today to Organized Living, which is a close cousin to The Container Store, but not quite as big. We got our closet quote there and that was fun. Why is organizing fun?
It was the errands that drove the point home that I'm carrying around a constant backpack backwards, or Kris Kros style, if you will. Well and also, I can't quite bend over anymore. Good thing I rarely employ shoelaces, they would just be untied.


Leigh said...

MMMMM! your tub looks yummy! I love those shape tubs, so much better than the old school ones in most houses.

Charlie said...

yeah it's a mega tub. There were only a few things I wanted in a new bathroom: lots of counter space, toilet in it's own room, and a big honkin tub with a shower over it. There's not much else in there but those things, heh.

Sam said...

What a silly question...why is organizing fun? Organizing ROCKS! It relieves stress b/c you know where everything is, everything looks all pretty and clean and you get to put your brain to good practical use!

I'm so excited about the bathroom! WOO JET TUB!

ro said...

if you want to know why organizing is fun, just tune into Clean Sweep on TLC! I tivo that shizzy like mugg.

Kris Kross will make you jump, jump.