Thursday, June 30, 2005

-itis is the wrong suffix anyway

Did anyone have a teacher in high school that would annoyingly talk about "senioritis," the idea of seniors knowing that they were about to get the hell out of high school and not caring about piddly schoolwork anymore?
I've got something like that. My work is futile now. Okay, well it was futile before because I was and still am "desk girl," but now I see the end and it really doesn't matter now.
Generally, I try not to count down to things. Meaning, I think every day should be appreciated and put to use, and not seen as a means to an end. But I'll admit it, I'm counting down to August 18th.


ro said...

why don't you start putting X's on the calendar like mom used to do? she is queen of the countdown. heck, she still counts me down to the end of the school year even though I am 30.

Sam said...

Dude...I totally understand how you're feeling...I'm living it right's so hard to be motivated when you know you're leaving and if stuff gets messed doesn't really matter because you won't be around for the fallout...