Monday, January 15, 2007

Baby Tuesday

Yep, it's early again. I know how people hate a late B.T., I wouldn't want to ruin anyone's lunch break by not making the noon deadline.

Most of these are from our trip last week in Big D.

I bought this hat for Cricket a few months ago and sewed ribbons to the sides so that I could tie it onto her head. The ribbons only served as a pretty noose when she would pull it upward with all her baby-might. So I brought it with for Scoutie to wear. I tied it on Baby C's head to show how she won't wear it, and what did she do? She kept it on as if she loved it.

Granny G and her grandbabies. :D

That darn pug! I put babydolls to deter Emmitt from laying on Scout's Dora Bed, but he just rolled them over and used them as throw pillows.

Aurora and I found that the cousins were probably pretty close to having twins.
One is on a lap? The other must be on the same lap!
Poor crippled Aurora had to haul the two of them around in her wheelchair in the name of equality.

Another hat-spotting- this time back home in Sockswithsandalsland. I put in on her head and she took off into the kitchen. It came off shortly after.


Anonymous said...

First, I giggled at Emmitt. Then, I totally laughed out loud at the wheelchair pics because LOOK AT SCOUT'S HAIR!! That is some funny stuff. Yeah, they are like having twins. Love them both so much I could squish them with my big woman hugs. Exactly.

rollerskater said...

cousin c needs to move to the big d so the babies can play all the time. they are TOO cute together. seriously adorable. love them!

G$ said...

I LOVED every minute of being with my "pumpkins". Scout really enjoyed having her cousin here to play with and it was really great to play with The Cricket. I miss you two(soon to be you three!).