Sunday, January 21, 2007

crazy is just a chemical messenger away

This pregnancy has been rather kind to me up to this point.
I'll cry at practically anything sappy, but I hadn't had the other kind of PMS (Pregnant Mental Syndrome).
That is, until now.
These hormones make everything stressful. I don't want to do anything especially if it's productive or healthy. My fuse has been clipped to about 3 millimeters.
I'm like a crazy person.

This afternoon I took a nap and then got in the spa tub and when I got out I was still white knuckled over absolutely nothing.

And I can't get enough chocolate and cola.

I could drink this Whole Foods coke all day long. I limit myself to one a day, and if extreme estrogen emergency arises, I'll drink two.

So I haven't returned your call, your email, your letter, your text message, missed a meeting, etc., now you know why. I'm mental right now, and probably will be until the due date.

(And then after that I will be unavailable due to a different kind of crazy.)


Anonymous said...

i understand!!! I will help w/bebe..just give me a call and I'll take her to lunch and the park...
Auntie Sandi

Anonymous said...


G$ said...

No matter how whacky you become, you're still my little "Poopy-Bear"