Thursday, January 25, 2007

blue skies smiling at me


You can fly directly to and from Dallas from San Jose! Woo!

And you just can't beat $219, people.

Also, as I was planning possible trip destinations for Mr. T's big 3-0 this year,
I discovered that it's more expensive to spend the weekend in Tijuana

than it is in Hawaii.

Hello! Tough choice, but I'm gonna have to go with Hawaii.


rollerskater said...

you're going to luv's the coolest! you should go to kauai...soooo beautiful!

Charlie said...

Well if we go, we'll be going with whatever cheap deal we can find.

G$ said...

Be sure to check with your sister, The Hawaiian Connection, before you book anything. You know Ro, she has contacts everywhere and she sure knows how to find a deal! Do you need a "traveling nanny?"

Charlie said...

oh no! no babies on the trip! we've already made arrangements for them here, even though one of them still doesn't exist just yet. :)