Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baby Tuesday

I suppose all babies reach the point of feeling confined by clothes. Baby C does't even want to wear a diaper anymore, but I know if she goes buff longer than 5 minutes, I'll be cleanin' somethin' out of the carpet.
Here, she's modeling her deluxe Canadian cloth diaper covers.
When I bought them, via recommendation of the Berkeley Parents Network, I thought "these better be good for the price!" And yes, they are. Plus, they have sea creatures on them. :)

If you couldn't interpret this, it means "hey lady, I want some food- right here right now."
I put her hair in a tiny samurai pony tail. It's the first time ever that she hasn't pulled it out.


Anonymous said...

she looks so grown up in the last two pics. i love the samurai pony :)

G$ said...

She really is a "Kevilsa" reminding me of you and definitely looking like her daddy. Can't go wrong with the ol' ponytail!