Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baby Tuesday

Okay, sorry this is totally late! If Sam hadn't said something this may have turned into Baby Wednesday.

You know the baby is speedy, when I have the camera in "action" mode, and she's still blurry.

Now Sam's the blurry one. Draw your own conclusions.

I don't know what this look is all about. Very Captain of the S.S. Sassy.

Pacifier keep away! If I had held onto it any longer, she would have stopped thinking it fun, and started getting frantic.
We have totally weened her off bottles, but the pacifier is a trickier maneuver. It's gonna come down to one day they are all just going to be gone. And since she won't talk, we'll just act like we can't understand her.

This photo was included to show the cat licking (again!). There are few things that make me lose it more than the sound and sight of pets licking.
And this cat of ours, oh- my- goodness-, the volume of her licking defies physics! She has a tiny tiny tongue in a tiny tiny mouth, but she sounds like a farm cow on a salt lick!
I will stop whatever I'm doing to throw something at her to make her stop.
The dogs occasionally make licking noises, but they've learned to go elsewhere or I yell at them. That's my creed: "lick elsewhere!"

(The combination of the licky-noise and Mojito's inabilty to control his short-man-rage is why the dogs don't get rawhide or any chewy things. Yech!)


Sam said...

Check out how blurry the pacifier is in the one I'm blurry in! HAAAAA!! Your poor camera's so confused!

ro said...

you did a good job cutting her little pixie cut hair doo. good job getting her off the bottle and good luck with the pacifier. p.s. sam looks hot.