Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Baby Tuesday

I just realized I have no images of Baby R.
I'll have to take some when he wakes up from his nap and post them later.
But he took his first step on Sunday during the Super Bowl's halftime.
He did it right after my friend asked if he was walking, and I said, "no, not yet."
And then he took a step on his own!
Perhaps because Tom Petty was singing "Free Falling" he then fell down.

Baby C was say more interested in having her picture taken than watching Surf's Up.
She couldn't take more than 15 minutes of it before asking for Curious George instead.

Mojito will be a stand in for Baby R.

Look at that. It's like he made himself a Pooh-style bee hive and snuggled in.
He never ceases to impress me.

During the super bowl, despite Matt's extreme pet allergies, he allowed Mojito to achieve his own nirvana, the snuggly lap.

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Devon said...

That Mojito is one of a kind - how did he do that??