Thursday, February 28, 2008

I tried not to like them

but after seeing them play their songs after many episodes of Charlie and Lola, I started to look forward to the Imagination Movers.

I bought a few of their songs, including "Bye Bye Diaper" and "Clean my Room" on iTunes this afternoon and one video.

My mom made fun of me.

"The roosters! The roosters! The roosters are tired!"


Laura said...

yeah, i sorta like them too...except for the one still trying to pull off the 90s grunge look.

DMover1 said...

Hey, do I email you the gift of music? We have had a surprising number of hits from your nifty little blog and would like to email you "Can You Do It?" It is part of a charitable campaign we are working on this week. Details in the link below. If you can send an email address to I will be happy to send a copy along. Thanks for the blurb.

Your pal, Dave. (not the grungy, dirty, misfit one)

DMover1 said...

Darn link....maybe you should just check it out at our website, If you want to. :)