Wednesday, February 06, 2008

makes my nostrils flare

Since our fence is in shambles and our gate is virtually non existent, the dogs take it upon themselves to scurry on to the front yard when they are let out in the back.
Mojito in particular will bark at anyone or anything within a 2 mile radius of our front yard.
I hate that about him, it's his main character flaw. He's otherwise a very nice boy.

So this afternoon when I heard barking coming from in front of the house, after I had let them out back, I was irritated. And then I saw that I couldn't see them out front, because they were harrying a woman walking on the sidewalk practically two houses down.

I called them, they came and she flatly offered to shut our picket fence gate. I told her that it didn't matter, they can squeeze through it and that the problem will be solved when we fix our back fence.

And what did she reply?

"Maybe the problem should be solved before you fix the fence, then you wouldn't have one."

Oh really.

Listen, lady, it wasn't like they bit you. But now I wish they would have.

They're grouchy, but they're not a public threat.


Laura said...

was she really worried that she was going to be bitten by your tiny dogs? wow...i just want to buy the world a coke some days. know what i mean? chill, people!

ro said...

LOL...oh really...haha. Man, the californians are grumpy about pets. I feel like someone has given you static before. Geesh. Get mad about it. He's a chiuhaua (sp). It isn't like he's a pit. What a ho-bag.

Now, if you want, Christy can give you tips on how to use a bark collar. Now, Emmitt is a barker, so I feel your pain. But, now that he is down to one eye, old, and his hearing isn't what it used to be...he will bark at NOTHING. Last night he was on our porch barking at the darkness for like 5 minutes. I let him just to feel like a dog.