Thursday, February 14, 2008

total german letdown

All the auto pundits were warning that Chrysler was set to ruin the idea of the 2009 VW Microbus, but I was holding out hope that they would be wrong.

But they were so so very very right.

And it's called the Routan...which sounds like Rotund.
So stupid. Shame on them.


Laura said...

blech! yes, you are right. the microbus is dead to me.

ro said...

you're right. dumb.

pkillur said...

OMG! Laughing so much at this "statistic" from the linked article you posted about the "Town & Rotunda"

"Touch screen navigation with twenty meg hard drive"

TWENTY MEGS!! Holy crap, I could store like 1.5 text based Holy Bibles in that much space!! What an amazing leap in automotive in-car technology.