Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Since Baby R's 1st birthday is Saturday (woo!), I'll make up for the lack of Baby R this week, next week.

In other Baby R b-day news, we are doing the teddy bear cake, although Baby C really really wanted me to make it into a turtle instead. (How she knew I was capable of that, I don't know. I guess if Mommy can make a fish cake and a ladybug cake, Mommy can do anything.)
We're also going to try a birthday breakfast and morning trip to the zoo, because that is the cheeriest time of the day for him, and Baby C for that matter. We'll have the cake after dinner maybe? And play with his news toys, I guess?

She was inspired by the previous photo of her on the floor in her blankie, and wanted me to recreate the scene with her. I obliged. And took video this time.

One of our furrier babies.
I helped him get to all the crumbs in the highchair by placing him on the stool and pushing it towards it. I came back in the kitchen, after what must have been 30 minutes at least, and found him sleeping there.

GiGi's here and would like everyone to know that she is in my kitchen right now with one of Baby C's shirts, scraping sticker adhesive off of it with a paring knife.

p.s. Congrats to Laura and little Baby L's arrival on planet earth!


ro said...

We miss Gi-Gi! I can't wait for you to see R-Man's bday gift. It is in the mail. I love that C is such a dramatic photo/video woman. We watched C and R videos last night and Scout says "Ticket!"

KAI said...

Say HI to GiGi for us...! I can't believe Baby R is already a year old!!! It seems like yesterday that you delivered him.

Laura said...

thanks!!! and no kidding about baby r turning 1...amazing that it's been a tear already! :)