Friday, February 08, 2008

crash n' burn, crash n' burn

You know that funny feeling you get when you're driving somewhere
and you suspect that there might have been a wrong turn somewhere?
And you convince yourself to keep driving until you're absolutely sure that you are practically in another state?
This is what happen on this website.

As we were making it, I could feel that it might get shot down.
That I shouldn't be "driving" and that it would all fall apart in the end, despite all our hours of work.

Yep, and I should have trusted my gut. My gut, it's a smart gut.

Anyway, I don't think it'll ever see the light of day, as in going live, to replace this.

But there is a bright side:

I was so maddened by the terrible fate of my website, that I got up and drove to meet with Trina and Kristen and we conspired to make something great.

Something that no one has ever tried, and something that I can be proud of.
Really confident in and proud of.
Code name project F.
But it deserves it's very own blog post later...

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Trina Merry said...

I hope "F" eventually = "Fabulous"...