Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Yeah, super late.
But it's still Tuesday from Central Standard Time to the left coast, so I'm okay.

Yes, she really got into my bathroom drawer today and pulled out my reddest lipstick and put it on herself (all while I was changing Baby R's diaper). She walked in, with a half-proud half-nervous smile and I couldn't be mad. It was so cute. And I was glad she didn't use it to draw all over my white bedsheets or something disastrous like that.

Winter? What is winter? It's a balmy 75 degrees here and we're playing with the water table!

This video shows how the water fun began.

Poor little Baby R, Baby C can't help herself when it comes to dumping water on him.

Look at that little meatloaf. I've decided he has a little Grandpa Phil body.

Miss Sassy Bikini Top couldn't be bothered to look at the camera. She was working.

I make the same kind of smile now with my braces.
Way less cute when I smile though.

marshmallow boy, he's so loveable.

She is in love with photos of herself.
Our camera has a flip out feature and she loves seeing herself as I take the photo from the other side.


GMoney said...

Little Miss Lipstick has a pinch of a mean streak when it comes to water-play! Looks like they were having fun! Can't want to come "winter" with you guys!!! Mom

ro said...

Not that I was waiting for this post or anything...the video made me laugh. I love to watch kids test the boundaries. ha. When R is wearing jean shorts for swim trunks, you're right...phil is the obvious choice for look-a-like.