Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby Tuesday

It's like his birthday never ended!
We now have pics from GiGi's camera!

This is my usual pose. Mega hunching to reach the wee ones during the day.

She wasn't too into the Wells Fargo express.

"I love eating"

She looks underwhelmed at the world's largest rodent paddock.
I was enthusiastic for her.

He walks alot now. I say that he walks like a sheep up on two legs.
It's terribly cute.

Don't let the smocks fool you, gravity had it's way, and they both got super soaked. So much so that we had to strip them down in the middle of the museum and change their clothes with all the other parents giving us "the look."


ro said...

nice photos of nice critters

Trina Merry said...

I don't get the "parent look"... like they have pristine children or something...
Hey, my banner ROCKS, btw...