Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a whole new level of marshmallow salad

Tonight is an all-group pot luck. Our Wednesday small group usually has two "couples" (which means, two wives, generally) make din din for the rest of us.
Through this process I have learned:
People do not like minestrone or chicken salad
People do like cherry cobbler and foccaccia bread.

From that, I decided to stop being tricky with fancy recipes, and just do what a pot luck deserves...

Ambrosia! (a.k.a. Caca salad to my mom)
We're supposed to be bringing out dish appetizer style, so I made them in little individual sundaes. They are chillin' like chicks in a drawer in my fridge, waiting for their road trip.


Jeremy and Kamie said...

Your mom's caca salad is the only one I will eat! I loved it! :)

Devon said...

oh so pretty!

ro said...

I'm jealous of the single servings. Caca Rules!