Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Mucho mucho has happened in the past week.

Baby R said (and says) his first [hyphenated] word, "uh-oh." He kinda says mama and dada, but I'm not sure he's really sayin' them. He definately says uh oh, and there are plenty of oppotunities during the day to say it.

Baby C has two imaginary friends, Lotta and Lola. Mostly Lotta. She talks to them all day long, and especially when she's in her room for her nap or at bedtime. She then explains their adventures to me with lecture hand gestures that remind me of the animatronic Lincoln from the Hall of Presidents.

We had easter egg hunts, both Saturday at the park sponsored by our very own Beautiful Day, and also one at Grandma and Papa's which was a little more challenging and less stressful for the rest of us.

Then Sam and the 3 of us went down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium because the penguins are back! The whole "Splash Zone" was back, thank heavens, and every mommy on the central coast was there with her tots.

Sorry the photos are chronilogically backwards, I'll never learn to upload them in reverse order.

Moments later, his face and body were soaked.

This little girl was named Stella (very popular name wherever we go). She wanted to make sure Baby R wasn't gonna take her foam flippers.

Man to man coverage is key for babies in a public place.
While photographing them, I have Baby R strapped to me.


Everything was fine until I told her had to leave.
Mommy doesn't want to pay[a[nother] parking ticket.

Baby R's quality check.

Wouldn't it be neat if every day of the year there were jellybeans to be found in the daffodil beds?

Kelpy wonderment.

For once, I didn't have to force them into this shot. They went willingly. They did not however, look at me willingly.

"Look babies, there are penguins over there!"
"No, we'd rather play with the poles and floor tiles."

Like my dress?, I kinda made it. Kinda.

Baby R just wanted to sneak tootsie rolls and drink his bottle.

"Daddy threw me in the eggs again!"

I forgot to mention our fabulous play date with Baby R's best friend Baby CB. They're almost the same age and they just rolly polly all over each other.

Auntie Sandi brought Baby C this dress just in the nick of time! Thanks Sandi!

Hey look close Heidi and I are over on the right.

Nevermind the eggs, he gets excited over sticker balls.

...more to come later-- videos!....

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ro said...

Busy week indeed! That last pic of R is so cute and the one of C in the Sandi dress is adorb. I can't wait to come to the aquarium. Scout loves penguins and Happy Feet :)