Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Hooray for Baby R! He turned one!

I love that a party for one baby turns into a party for both.

Note the special 1st birthday bib. I gyp'd Baby C on her 1st by not visiting the party store prior to'. I made up for my mistake with butterball.

Alright people, hurry up and sing so I can eat this bear and go to bed.

High cuteness density photo, a baby and a pony.

"finally a hammer they won't get mad at me for playing with!"

I remember standing here, at the guinea pig island. a year and a half ago carrying ransom in a different fashion, being fat and sweaty. Here's to non-pregnancy! [clink!]

A Gwynnie in her natural habitat, in the grey fleece lined vest.

I wouldn't let him bite the petting-goats. But I didn't stop him from slobbering all over Grandma.

Her expression, that's my girl.

Capybara enclosure. I wonder if they ever stick their hooves or snouts through the ropey baracade?

I can walk, well sorta.

Wrong camera setting! Sorry. But the Where the Wild Things Are tree was fun. Especially when you put on a wild thing furry vest.

Nothing Baby R likes better than being outside. So despite the chilly temperatures, we ate birthday breakfast out front.

Step 31 of bear in crib cake.
Yes, that is a glue gun. But don't be scared.

It's a baby bear in a crib with a diaper and a blankie.
I never did get a good shot of it.
But it was cute. A cute pain in the butt that was totally worth it.


It looks like they are helping each other build a sand...something.
He's helping her, and she's irritated at him.

Look there's GiGi! Well Baby R can't, his eyes are closed.

"Could you point me to the nearest sandy, slimy organism? I'd like to chew on it."

There's something sea turtle-y about him here.

I enrolled Baby C in preschool today, it starts in exactly 6 months, and she MUST be potty trained in order to go.
I'm studying

I wish I could tell you all about the preschool, but I suppose I'll keep that anonymous. It's surprisingly nice and what I was looking for, even though it's not Montessori or Christian. I registered by the hair on my chinnie chin chin. Thanks Mom for helping me with it.

One video from the Discovery Museum.
And no, that's not Baby C with Baby R. Her name was Stella.

Long video of us arguing on his birthday. It's Kevin's fault.

My mom has even more photos, since I ran out of batteries twice on his birthday and had to use hers. Aurora, it is your job to get them off her camera, and upload them somewhere for me!


sister celtic said...

She can do it! I had boys and they did it at 18 months unheard of..Baby C will just want the camera on her she'll love it! Play it again mom!

M.K.A.W. said...

Awesome cake, awesome photos!

Laura said...

this may be the best baby tuesday ever. happy birthday, baby r! looks like fun was had by all-and you really kick arse for making cute cakes. i don't have it in me.

ro said...

Finally the post I've been waiting for. Yes, I checked this weekend, hoping for a sneak peak. Yes, I checked on Tuesday am hoping you were already done. But, now I've got all the pics of Butterball, Buggers, and the rest of the adults. I will number my comments:
1) charlie -- you skinny dog you!
2) way to rub in that you're not pregnant anymore.
3) the cake was super cool.
4) what exactly are the pants that r is wearing at the zoo? graffiti?
5) i laughed at the party in the front yard pic because of all there was...sleepy heads, lots of chairs, many clelbratory lanterns, mom drinking a GIANT coffee, jim running with R...just lots of good stuff.
6) carmel looked gorge

That's all I think...Until next week...

Charlie said...

Well a little photoshop goes a long way when you have braces and a less than photogenic neck.
Yep, they're kinda like graffiti. They're european. :)

Jeremy and Kamie said...

Loved every bit of that post....you look great, babies are ADORABLE, where do you find the energy with two babies?

Devon said...

happy birthday baby R!!
what fun pics :o)
the cake was too funny

sister celtic said...

What a great B-day Happy Happy B-day Baby R and it felt like I was right there with all the beautiful photo's everyone looks great and really had a good party.. Sorry I missed it..

Trina Merry said...

Wow. You're an incredible Mom! You REALLY are! I hope I can be HALF as cool someday...
I can't believe you made that frickin bear cake!!!

p.s. Yes to the banner! Please! I'm drowing in green!

KAI said...

..."grey fleece lined vest"...lol! so you mean the excitement of burning the "coat with the pockets" has been replaced by the grey fleeced lined vest! Ohhh, no!!!

p.s. you look really great - love love the beach pictures (makes me miss cali so much more).

KAI said...

Happy FIRST Birthday to Baby R! It's been fun watching him grow this past year. Thanks for sharing.