Monday, July 14, 2008

"7 stars 7 stars, the kingdom is all ours..."

Stephanie my fellow Haiti team member wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate the trip and asked if anyone wanted to go get one with her.

You know I raised my hand!
After getting "the business" from a supposedly good studio, and being irriated at them, (boo)
I found Guru Tattoo who was nice and not uppity and was happy to have us as customers. Also, they didn't play death-metal music over the speakers 24-7. Thank you.

Corey, a fellow SJSU Art alumni, was my tattoo artist and completely professional and polite and not a mouth-breather. He didn't give me any crap for not wanting any black, outline or otherwise. Thank you.

Stephanie got L'Union Fait La Force (French, "Union Makes Strength") written in script on her back.

And I got the constellation of Christ on the Cross.

You can only see 6 stars in this pic, the last one's right around the corner, if you will.

Now I get to be a VBS counselor for Westgate this week and try to avoid kids grabbing my left arm. ;)


SaraMarie said...

Very cool, Charlie!

ro said...

i think you out did me with bigger and brighter and more Jesus. But, let's just agree to disagree. You rock. Sport the tank top like every day.