Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Tuesday

UPDATE! I talked to Baby C's preschool today and they said she won't get kicked out for wearing a pull-up! Hooray! (I just have to come change her if she poops-- so no fiber for her!)

I hadn't checked my voicemail in so long, that I forgot my voicemail password.

I think that's amazing.

It's really forgotten and I'm going to have to reset it somehow....

Anyway- on with the show--

This past weekend was birthday weekend for Kevin. Last year we went to Oahu for his 30th, so anything after that seems anticlimactic.
Since a couple of months back we had a baby shower for one of the chicks in our couples-small-group and all the wives had 4 hours together with no kids, I offered a man-party so we could return the favor.
They went and played pool then came back and watched Cloverfield. It was nice not having to impress the guests. We should always have men over because all they require is pizza, beer and Doritos.
Then Saturday he had family party at his parents. And then Sunday, his actual birthday, Baby C and I made him a watermelon-cake!

Honestly, he wasn't crazy about it, but I've wanted to make one ever since I saw my best friend's aunt screw one up back in 1988. 20 years I've waited to make it, and learn from that lady's mistakes. It was tasty [to me, and the kids]!

I found that extra green cream cheese icing in an piping bag is just asking to be squirted inside pitted cherries. And if you squint, it kind looks like a leaf coming out the top. Delish.

It was better I thought to just keep her shirt off. Easier to towel her off afterward.


He was not privy to the cake making. 'Quietly slept through the whole thing.
Here he is in the mommy-don't-move move.


SaraMarie said...

That cake looks fabulous! And the kids, not too shabby either! :)

ro said...

great pics of watermelon cake and kids. SCout and I watched the R video this am, and I loved his shorts :)