Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gingie lives on!

Some kids have a favorite teddy bear or a favorite stuffed rabbit.

I had a stuffed gingerbread man.

Gingie. And I loved him.
In his later years I decided to put a pink dress on him and pretend he was a girl. Very Buzz Lightyear-Mrs Nesbit.

He was tragically left behind at a eastern Tennessee motel room in the summer of '91.
I feel like I should poor a little hot cocoa out for my fallen homie.

Fast forward 17 years and here I am trying to think what to make for all the kids I know for Christmas. (if you're wondering why I'm thinking about this in July, click here)
"It has to have good meaning, and yet still be cute and likeable...I'll make Gingie's!", I thought.

So I started cruising Flickr looking at other people's stuffed gingerbread men to get ideas and look what I found!!!

Not just one Gingie, but 4!
(the largest one is the size I had)

It must have come from a pattern, because there is no way someone else just coincidentally appliquéd apples onto a gingerbread man!

You can see why I loved him , can't you? So cute.

I can't wait to make them and give them away. Even if they're not someone's teddy-bear, they make great pillows. ;)


ro said...

1) I didn't know you left him in the hotel in '91. I knew you got a replacement, but didn't realize that was why.

2) He was awesome.

3) Love that pic from Tahoe of you with he/she on your butt.

4) Great "home-made" gift idea.

Mom said...

Gingie II lives on in Richardson,Tx! I don't remember where I got "her",but she's here waiting for you anytime you need a hug! Everybody needs a Gingie to call their own.