Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Huh? What? Umm...

Like I said, I'm a VBS counselor at Westgate this week.

I am SO not qualified for the job. Good thing they're not paying me, because the jr high girls that they gave me as helpers, are way more on top things than I am.

I've realized that nearly every other counselor is an elementary teacher on her summer break.

I should have totally been assigned snack duty. Filling dixie cups with golden grahams is way more my speed.

All of my friends that work at the church hide in their offices until camp is over at 1pm. Do they know something I don't?

Oh well, 3 more days of pretending to be responsible and handing out "wow-cows."
("Join the Herd?" I have to object to that phrase. I mean, don't Christians have enough social stigma about herd-mentality?! I hope it's lost on my 4th graders.)


sister celtic said...

Would you stop under estimating your value... Sheeech it would be so cool to have you as a councelor I love being a mentor to anyone who wants me ( kids)George calls me the magnet around kids.. especially the older ones. I was recently in my non-sociable mode and invited to a party...I wanted to eat alone and sit alone but noooooo 4 girly girls ranging from 8 to 14 plopped down and was interested in every word I said. it was hilarious. They even started talking about their weird obsessions and just plain weirdness and I mean they had the clinical names for it Obsessive compulsive etc. Learned alot about their famlies and it was a real blessing even though I wanted to just blend into the furniture.

ro said...

um, kids are evil. right. learn it now. I teach for summers.

pkillur said...

Man, first Haiti and VBS in the same month. I think you should fit something relaxing in there, maybe you could canvass for Obama is Idaho :)

pkillur said...

Dude, I need to sleep - my Engrish is no so good today.

That was supposed to say:

Man, first Haiti and VBS in the same month - I think you should fit something relaxing in there - maybe you should canvass for Obama IN Idaho.

Actually, it would be pretty easy, I'm sure he's got like 12 people that would vote for him there, it'd be a quick trip!

Joanne said...

yes we do know something that you don't know... we know that we don't do more than 4 kids at a time. So 180 kids is way past our limit.
You are more than welcome to come into my office any time for a break!