Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Sorry, this is the latest Baby Tuesday in history (if you count the time we were out of the country n' all).

I have come up with yet another way to sneak green vegetables into breakfast!

Spinach-green-tea muffins a.k.a. Leaf Cakes!

It's the Trader Joe's Matcha Green Tea baking mix, plus some green food coloring and some frozen spinach. I garnished with a little neon green homemade icing nubs, and grapefruit leaves and voila! no one's aware that they're eating spinach.

Especially this guy.

I don't want to give you the wrong impression of my domestic skills since I've returned, because the leafs cakes are above an beyond my norm for the last week.
I've had a combo of jetlag and bad nutrition which has turned me into a ten toed sloth. Our family's food pyramid has looked something like this.

Baby C's red carpet smile. Note the red nails. She has such good taste.

GiGi took this photo before I left. That's the hat that I made and I intended on wearing, but ended up not. However, since it was an IKEA picnic bug shield before I put ribbon on it and made it into a hat, our hosts were thrilled to keep it and use it for it's real purpose. Because as you can imagine, in Haiti food bugs are a problem.

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ro said...

cute, cute, cute, and your muffins look impressive