Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Yo, baby lovers.
This week's helpin' can't compare to the cuteness of the new Everett girls but here we go anyway.
Well, the first pics, I'm not going for "cute" so much as "whoa."

Okay, yeah I think that one's cute.

He's got molars, so he gets to brush his teeth. If the door is left open, he goes for the toothpaste and of course, the toilet paper...and anything else he can get his paws on.

Why go to the gym, when you have two 30 lb weights at home?


Mama Bree said...

WHOA!! ;-)

I love love love the video of the "home gym workout" -- I can totally see Jon doing that in a few years!! :)

M.K.A.W. said...

I agree, the video is awesome! Aiden wanted to watch it over and over.

Mom aka GG said...

I don't EVEN want to look UNDER that spagetti-laden chair! But he sure looks happy eating it! Tell my "pumpkins" that I miss them. Love you guys.

ro said...

I laughed when i blew up the toothbrush pic to see R wearing a C polo. lol. He is just adorable. I want to squeeze him.

sister celtic said...

Enjoy your youth, seeing that is incrediable Go Kevin wow...The kids are priceless.

ro said...

oh and second food pic of R looks like Kevin, not that kevin doesn't wipe his chin when he eats, well you get it. ps. happy bday to kevin.