Wednesday, July 30, 2008

today's project

Stacy, or as her 6th graders know her as "Miss Bartz" went on the Haiti trip with me and also made me bean dip and lasagna so we're now friends.
She asked me if I could design her class's "cheetah team" shirts this year.
You know me, I can't say no.

I assured her that her students would be the envy of the other koala, porpoise or kookabura teams in the other classes, simply because of their cool new shirts. ;)


ro said...

I really like those. Way to stay current. I'm in the midst of dealing with our Senior Shirt design, yet again. We'll see if it is a success or a bust.

sister celtic said...

That is fabulous it will be the envy...

Trina Merry said...

That makes my old "Its Hip to Be Fit" shirts look, well, stupid.
Me likey.

Mom said...

Very sharp, Charlie! They will definitely lead the "pack"