Friday, July 01, 2005

It's very RuPaul of me.

I just ordered a chandelier for our bedroom. And if you notice, it's a muy good price for one. Just try and find another $99.00 chandelier I dare ya.
I was inspired to do so after going to the Fillmore and they have giant chandeliers with black lights shining on them so they glow violet. They're so cool, I couldn't stop staring at them, and I said "someday I'll have my own blacklight chandelier!"
And so it begins. Goodbye ugly ceiling fan, hello fabulous fixture.


roeverett said...

for some reason that whole black light chandelier makes me think of the munsters.

Charlie said...

I could see that. I'll have to be really diligent about cleaning the cobwebs. ;)

Sam said...

Dude...that chandelier ROCKS! So fancy and expensive looking! I'm so glad you got A/C so you can DITCH the ceiling fan!!

Gwynn said...

You ARE your mother's daughter!!! Gotta love your style!! Mom