Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Baby Tuesday

granny G and Cricket Posted by Picasa

yesterday she had her first walk. I know, way too little for the stroller (and the hat), but we padded her in and she liked it. Posted by Picasa

a popular sleeping position, the touchdown Posted by Picasa

she was sleeping like this. I call it her star-nosed-mole impression. Posted by Picasa

trying the lounger, she's a tad small for it. Posted by Picasa

this is my new favorite Posted by Picasa


sister celtic said...


Esbee said...

She favors you (at least, the pics I've seen) in the lounger shot. She is truly beautiful; relish her.

I sent you an email ages ago. Did you get it?

ro said...

Those are awesome. Great commentary. The stroller shot made me laugh out loud. I love the hat and the padding and her look, like, "yeah, we're going for a walk." They are all really cute and funny. Please do that lots.

Allison said...

cute cute cute cute cute cute CUTE!!!

My favorite is the star nosed mole.

I can't wait to meet her!